Chess is the most precious gift history has given to contemporary culture. This value is the most tested phenomenon by both men and women in all cultures, all spoken languages with people of every class that we meet in time. Hence the rules of the game is so settled and stable, designers are also interested in designing the pawns or the chess board. Chess republic is a different approach to chess design by designers from İstanbul. Designed by Omletistanbul, Chess Republic adds a new dimension to the game of chess. When it’s not in use the pieces are placed in the board forming a flat surface. Thus the king, queen and the pawns come down to the same level. When it’s game time the 2D pieces come out of their resting places in the board and stand.

Chess republic chess set was chosen to be displayed in  MOMA STORE  in NewYork during “Destination Istanbul” exhibition.

If you want to buy this unique design you can contact us via: or   +90 216 347 3581

290 x 320 x10 (mm)


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